Successful Monday

Today I stuck to my plan in its entirety.  For breakfast, I enjoyed 8 oz of my favorite fresh juice, “Morning Sunrise”, which consists of 4 carrots, 2 red apples and 2 lemon.  For lunch, I enjoyed my favorite fresh green juice, which consists of 1 cucumber, 2 red apples, 2 stalks of celery, a handful of spinach, and 1/4 of fresh green cabbage.  It was extremely smooth and full of flavor.  In between cups of juice, I had my Skinntea, Cafe Delgada, and most importantly WATER.

My dinner included salsa tilapia, fresh string beans, and a small sweet potato.    Can you say delicious?

After my food digested, I put for the effort in doing a very strenuous ab work out.  I am totally beat.  Until tomorow.. Cheers to a healthier you!! :)

March Challenge

Today marks the first day of March year 2015.  Last month being my birthday month was full of food temptation and indulgence.  By no means do I feel guilty.  I am human just like everyone else.  Again my goals of becoming healthier and physically fit, is not a seasonal idea.  It’s a life time journey.  With that being stated, cheers to “March Madness”!

This morning I began my day by giving all thanks and praises to God, for without Him, nothing is possible.  At 5:30 am, I made sure I was in the gym.  My workout focused on legs, calves, shoulders and abs.  This week I plan on returning to my juicing regimen which will consist of freshly juiced vegetables and fruits from my wonder Jack La Lane Juicer.  I will always stand by my juicer.  I am also restarting my detox cleanse by means of Total Life Changes, Iaso Tea.  This has got to be one of the best detox teas that I have ever used.  Yes, I have used a few.  This detox is a mixture of green and white tea that cleanses the body of toxins and unknown parasites.    No cramping nor gripe on the stomach… Shop – rep id 3381511.

I also plan on doing a light workout in the evenings which will focus mostly on by abs, glutes and legs.  Please please please keep in mind that flat stomachs are not made in the gym.  It’s a result of what what is being cooked in the kitchen.. So eat clean..


Stay tuned.. More to come.


Get fit with Nikki Fit..


Still Hard At Work

So, it has been a while since I have posted.  Trust and believe I am still working on being in the best shape that I can achieve.  I have been trying out a few things within my overall fitness journey.  I have added a Caribbean Cardio class into my weekly workout regimen.  For this work out, I actually go Idle Fitness, Tampa FL.  This hour work out is full of dance incorporated fitness moves.  It takes me a good 2 days to recuperate.  Yes, it’s that intense but I love it.  It has been VERY cold which has halted my early morning workouts.  Not to worry though, I am still eating right.  I urge everyone to not let the weather slow their process.  I have found that in slacking off, it tends to be harder to return to it.  That’s life!!  However, I am still pushing through and staying true to my goal.  Working on a leaner waistline and abs.. Summer is approaching..

In a previous post, I had mentioned that I had decided to become a distributor of Total Life Changes products.  It is a rewarding and busy business to run.  It’s amazing to see how either people will love you or not love you nor the goals that you may have for yourself.  To thy ownself stay true and stick to your goals.  I am loving this business and fitness journey.  Posting pics next post.  Stay tuned.

Staying Motivated

Just a quick post!!!

It is such a wonderful feeling for someone to come up to you and say, “Are you still working out in the gym?  You’re looking great!”.  Lately, I have been getting a lot of comments relating to me looking extremely toned and it feels wonderful.  Encouragement for me comes from being able to go through my closet and truly be able to say that I don’t have a thing to wear because my current clothes are too big for me right now.  My goal is not to be skinny.  I am not trying to look like I don’t eat meals.  lol  Oh Yeah!  Those comments come also.  But it is appreciated and not frowned upon because this is how we may appear to them.  I am surely on my way to having ABS ABS ABS.  More and more this summer is looking like a 2 piece swim suit season.  Stay motivated!!  Just when you don’t think you’re making progress, things will begin to take place.  Consistency is the key.


Life style Change Decision

Thank you for visiting my fitness blog. In sharing my goals, accomplishments and struggles with the world I believe that it will help others who may be experiencing some of the same. After having my first daughter approximately 13 years ago, I hit an all time weight of 203 pounds. I can’t say that I became depressed due to my weight back then. I just simply enjoyed eating and didn’t think much about nutrition nor fitness. it wasn’t until I continued to have migraines that I decided, a change needed to be made, a “lifestyle” change. I have not yet reached my goal, but I am still working on it. In the days and even months to come, I will continue to share methods, foods, work out routines that helped me get to where I am now and going. Please stay tuned, more is to come.